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The OBV6 of Facility House in 2014.

A fixed coach is a truck with a maximum of 10 meters superstructure without a sliding wall, it has the maximal dimensions for trucks that are allowed on the road in the Netherlands. Although nowadays the number of cameras is less important compared to working space, generally the fixed coach is suitable for 6 to 8 cameras. Specifically these trucks are well usable for small and medium size sports-productions studio-productions, talk-shows and events. Because of its dimensions these OBV’s are also ideal for locations where space is limited for a broadcasting van, like a town-centre. As far as its layout is concerned,there are a lot of possibilities for image- and audio-direction, shading and VTR/LSM positioning. In addition the furnishing, wall-lining, fitted carpets, console finishing will be installed in accordance with the clients specifications. The electric installation and type of air-conditioning will be calculated by our engineers and will be adapted to the working space and demands of the customer.

A recent example of a fixed coach is the OBV6 from Facility House, that was delivered in the summer of 2014.