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Case – E-sports room Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

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Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam





Project Esports Space

The Esports Space is the latest state-of-the-art facility of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam (GLR), the leading educational institution in the Netherlands for innovative education in media, entertainment, and technology. GLR integrates the world of competitive gaming in various ways into its education. Additionally, the project contributes to the further development of esports in the Netherlands, aiming to secure a position among the best esports nations globally.

“With the collaboration with D&MS, we have the freedom we need to express our own ideas. It is crucial to realize projects like these with reliable partners who understand the technology and terminology of where we want to go. And with D&MS, we have definitely found that partner.

Jeroen den Dunnen – Head Media, Entertainment & Technology GLR


Impressions of the Esports space

    Impressions of the controlroom

      Impressions of the Studio Room

        Impressions of the shoutcaster booth

          Impressions of the Central Appliance Room & Editorial Desk



            The Esports Space is the latest state-of-the-art facility of GLR. It is a hypermodern space where students are trained for work in the dynamic esports world. The Esports Space is equipped with high-end gaming computers with player cams, PTZ cameras, a 4K control room, and a shoutcaster booth. The multifunctional and equally high-quality backstage area is suitable for guest reception, interviews, and workstations. In addition to education, the Esports Space also serves as a true esports arena where tournaments and other activities take place.

            • Bringing together the most high-tech equipment for the ultimate experience.

            • Setting up spaces for educational and performance purposes.

            • Turn-key delivery of a state-of-the-art space.

            • User friendly systems for teachers and students.


            The most modern and well-equipped educational facility in the field of AV Design

            Customization is the central focus in this solution. Together with partner KB|MF, a solution has been devised where technology and furniture are seamlessly integrated into an ergonomic and future-proof solution. The classrooms and facilities are tailor-made to meet diverse educational needs, and with a simple ‘push of a button,’ everything is configured.

            With this solution, GLR continues to be able to implement technological advancements in the educational environment. This freedom is evident throughout all spaces associated with this department.



            The result is something to be proud of. Currently, GLR boasts the most modern and well-equipped educational facility in the field of Esports. In this state-of-the-art space, students can be trained to become professionals ready to enter the emerging esports industry.

            • 24 high-end HP OMEN Gaming computers. The PCs are equipped with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards, water cooling, lightning-fast Logitech G peripherals, OMEN Gaming monitors with 165Hz, 1ms, QHD resolution, Nvidia G-sync, and a POV camera.

            • 4K control room: Thanks to the latest technologies for light control, digital signage, and a full-fledged 4K control based on AV network technology (Tricaster TC2 Elite, Lawo Powercore & Vistool), both an appealing esports experience and a high-quality media product can be created

            • Backstage: The equipment in this space is controlled via Atlona: using a tablet with a set of presets, you can configure the space according to your preferences. The ambiance of the room is created by the Nanoleaves attached to the walls. The Aperture lamps on the ceiling have a wide range of colors and can be individually adjusted for optimal lighting and atmosphere during interviews and other media productions.

            • Shoutcaster Booth: The soundproof glass room is equipped with two high-end HP OMEN Gaming computers, four 4K monitors, Logitech peripherals, and two point-of-view cameras. Through the intercom system, the shoutcaster booth is directly connected to the control room, referees, and organizers.

            An article about this project was also published in AV & Stage in early 2022.

            Overzicht van technische specificaties

            • HP OMEN Gaming pc’s inc. NIVDIA RTX-3080 videocards
            • Newtek’s Tricaster 2 Elite
            • Magewell’s Pro Convert 4K Plus Encoders
            • Lawo’s Powercore
            • Atlona Omnistream AVoIP Platform inc. SurgeX power-management platform

            Summery of technical specifications

            • Summit X460-G2
            • Newtek’s NDI5
            • Epiphan Pearl 2 Rackmount
            • Atlona Velocity Gateway + Touch Panel
            • Atlona Opus Matrix
            • Vistool

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