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Case – Erasmus University Rotterdam

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Erasmus University Rotterdam




Autumn 2018

Fully IP-gebaseerd Education Lab

The shift to online education at Erasmus University has resulted in the need for a modern Erasmus ‘Education Lab,’ including a state-of-the-art (fully IP-based) studio for audio and video recordings.

On behalf of and in pleasant collaboration with Kinly, a number of state-of-the-art studios have been created in partnership with Erasmus University. These studios provide students, teachers, and researchers at Erasmus University with the opportunity to collaborate on educational innovations.

The studios prove their worth every day, thanks in part to D&MS, which provides technical support throughout this process. We benefit greatly from the support we receive from D&MS every day.

Pieter van Baarle – Head Media Support Center Erasmus University


Impressions from the construction

    Impressions of the end result

      Impressions of the technology



        Innovation in education is central to this project. Erasmus University recognized the growth and impact of video in education when the self-built facilities were maximally utilized, and further growth was not possible. Time for the next step!

        The Polak Building of Erasmus University was intended to be the heart of the Community for Learning & Innovation. There was a need for various advanced recording studios, workspaces, and a stage to provide space for students, teachers, and researchers to collaborate on innovations in education.

        The Education Lab was intended to provide space for education-related training, discussions, and brainstorming sessions, but also to offer the possibility of creating state-of-the-art audio and video recordings. D&MS was tasked with implementing the technology, with specific attention to:

        • High Quality video’s en technology

        • Easy recording, editing and distributing content

        • Versatility: Ability to record various video formats (educational clips, MOOCs, small-scale talk shows, and broadcasting webcasts)

        • User-friendly for staff, teachers, and students.
        • Scalability: Easy integration of temporary and structural expansions.



        With an eye on the rapid developments in broadcast technology, the studio is fully based on video and audio over IP. The Arista 7280SR Spine switch forms the core of the IP streaming network. Both the Grass Valley LDX cameras, the Axon NIO550 Gateway cards, the Grass Valley Korona switcher, and Tektronix PTP SPG are connected to this switch. 

        In addition, two Arista 7080TR switches are connected to the Spine switch for the 1G connections, ensuring the proper functioning of equipment such as the Lawo MC236 audio console, Ravenna interfaces, Wallbox connections, RTS Odin intercom, RTS wireless access points, and other control ports such as OCPs, Grass Valley MCP, KVM Matrix control, and much more.

        Through Cerebrum, all IP audio/video routings are created, and various functions such as studio lighting settings and control room calls, starting recorders/players, and tally management are managed.

        The studio is equipped with broadcast-quality cameras, lighting, and a greenscreen. With this solution, students and teachers have the opportunity to use the latest technologies in recording, uploading, or live streaming. 



        A state-of-the-art studio environment with one large recording studio and two smaller DIY booths. The control room is spacious, with two large desks. Additionally, there are editing rooms with three workstations and a makeup room. The CAR consists of three racks and is easily visible and accessible due to glass doors.

        High-quality equipment such as three Grass Valley LDX86 World Cams, Korona video mixer, Lawo mc²36 audio console, Arista 7280SR Spine switch, and Cerebrum control.

        The studio can be used by teachers, support staff, and students working on innovating education.

        • A large recording studio with a greenscreen suitable for making recordings with and without an audience

        • Two Do-it-Yourself booths where independent content can be recorded

        • Complete studio automation via Cerebrum

        • IP infrastructure based on Arista 7280SR/7080TR switches

        • Control room with high-quality equipment.

        • Editing room with three workstations.

        An article about this project was also published in AV & Entertainment in 2019.

        Summary of the technical specifactions

        • Arista 7280SR Spine switch
        • 3x Grass Valley LDX86 World Cam
        • Axon NIO550 gateway kaarten
        • Grass Valley Korona switcher
        • Tektronix PTP SPG
        • 2x Arista 7080TR switch
        • Lawo mc²36 audioconsole
        • Ravenna interfaces

        Overzicht van technische specificaties

        • RTS Odin intercom
        • RTS wireless accesspoints
        • Cerebrum server/clients
        • Grass Valley MCP
        • Guntermann & Drunck KVM systeem
        • Autoscript EVO-IP
        • Vinten pedestals

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