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Case – Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Customer Name

Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam





Project ‘Av in Motion’ 

The influence of new technological possibilities for storytelling is a continuous challenge for the industry, and likewise for education. Together with GLR and studio furniture maker KB|MF, we have created a state-of-the-art educational environment for audiovisual entertainment on the eighth floor of the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam. Here, students and teachers can bring their creative ideas – from concept to final product – to life and experience them (in real-time).

“With the collaboration with D&MS, we have the freedom we need to express our own ideas. It’s crucial to realize projects like these with reliable partners who understand the technology and terminology of where we want to go. And in D&MS, we have definitely found that partner.”

Jeroen den Dunnen – Head Media, Entertainment & Technologie GLR


Impression of the construction

    Impression of the end result

      Impression of the technology



        Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam is at the forefront of employing new technology in the field of AV and Media. Bureau MET (Media, Entertainment, and Technology) conducts a lot of research into these new techniques and products. D&MS was tasked with applying these technologies in a creative environment, with specific attention to:

        • Integrating the facilities non-destructively

        • Modular; autonomous components within a larger whole

        • No compromises in capabilities, quality, and finishing

        • User-friendly for teachers and students


        The most modern and well-equipped educational facility in the field of AV Design.

        Customization is the central theme in this solution. Together with partner KB|MF, a solution has been devised where technology and furniture are integrated into an ergonomic and future-proof solution. The classrooms and facilities are tailor-made for various educational needs, and with a simple ‘press of a button,’ everything is configured.

        With this solution, GLR remains capable of implementing technological developments in the educational environment. GLR sees this freedom reflected in all aspects, including infrastructure, furnishings, control systems, workstations, and the associated professional creative software packages.



        The result is impressive. Currently, GLR is the most modern and well-equipped educational facility in the field of AV design, allowing students to create beautiful productions in a 4K workflow. Here, students and teachers can bring their creative ideas – from concept to final product – to life and experience them in (real-time).

        • Two Post Production Studios, each with 32 workstations; equipped with 4K HDR production monitors, including color/edit consoles and studio headphones.

        • Experience room with holoboxes, videomapping, immersive video, video screens with different canvas sizes, and transparent displays and foils.

        • Four Edit Booths: optimized for individual use with large editing and color panels and additional capabilities for sound editing

        • Huddle Room: Meeting space for six people for small sessions and presentations

        • Story Studio: Creative design space with a 4.5-meter-long touch wall on each side, equipped with Hoylu software

        • Production Studio: Flexibly deployable classroom space

        • CAR with glass doors

        • Magazine: Professional warehouse with (immersive) cameras, lenses, tripods, gimbals, sliders, (effects) lights, and audio microphones and recorders

        An article about this project was also published in AV & Entertainment in early 2020.

        Summary of the technical specifications

        • ExtremeSwitching X590
        • TV-Logic 31″ DCI 4K LCD Monitor
        • Genelec 8430APM 2-weg actieve IP monitor speaker
        • Black Magic Design Ultrastudio 4K Extreme 3
        • LG OLED 77″ Display
        • CLS lighting controleed by Visual Productions

        Overzicht van technische specificaties

        • Real Fiction Dreamoc POP3 hologram box
        • Viewsonic LS800HD Full HD laser projector
        • LG Transparant OLED scherm
        • Extron HDMI HDBaseT Matrix
        • Lightform LF1 3D scanner inc Lightform Creator

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