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Our Method

Projects always present a beautiful challenge. That challenge is to translate the client’s wishes into a tailor-made project. To achieve this result, D&MS has been applying the principle for years:

“We listen, we create, we care”

We listen

For us, each project is unique. It is therefore important to gain a clear understanding of the wishes. Preferences for technology, products, and suppliers are important, as well as the budget. By asking targeted questions, we gain insight into the project’s parameters.

We create

Innovative within those boundaries: that’s where we distinguish ourselves. With all the expertise in-house and over 20 years of experience in broadcasting, we can respond quickly. It starts with the design, including the setup and product selection. Our engineers ensure that the technology perfectly complements the solution. Finally, we have our own wiremen and project managers who ensure a seamless installation and integration.

We care

Project completion does not signify the end of the project. On the contrary, for us, it means we are right in the middle of it! The necessary documentation is delivered meticulously, and if desired, user training sessions can be provided. But our involvement doesn’t stop there! Management, preventive maintenance, support (including 24/7), spare part management: our service can be tailored for each project. We also remain (pro)actively involved in expansions and modifications.

Every project is unique, and each time, we want to extract the utmost from it. Surpassing expectations.

Being proud of the outcome. That’s what we do it for.

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