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Our services


Everything we do is besproke, including our services. But most importantly: we’re here for you whenever you need something. Day and night, that is. All it takes to secure your business.

To make that come true, we aim for a firm relationship. To us, that means personal, sincere and always aimed at finding the perfect solution. When we talk one-on-one, you’ll always feel the reassurance of the organisation behind me.

Project Management

The purchase of a new Broadcast- or IT-solution is exciting. Proper project management is required to bring together all the equipment to a total solution. With all our years of experience, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Realising a working solution with a lot of different kinds of equipment. How do you do that? At D&MS we’re specialized in thinking out, designing and configurating technical total solutions. Because we are that passionate about engineering we realize technical solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients, but also our own expectations.


The purchase of a new Broadcast- or IT-solution is exciting. It comes with a lot of questions, options and choices to make. This requires proper research. With our enormous excperience we’re able to help you with all of your questions.

Service level agreement

Our support team is always available on remote. But if you want, we also offer in-house support. You’ll always have the people with the right knowledge nearby.

A Service Level Agreement is also possible. That includes maintenance and back-to-back agreements with suppliers. Made-to-measure, of course.


Audiovisual infrastructure can be somewhat complex and abundant. That isn’t a matter of flicking a switch. If you and your teams want to get the most out of your set up, a training might be a wise addition. You’ll get to know all the ins and outs of the system and its equipment. And the training can be done in-house or at our training facilities.

Consultancy & advice

A new broadcast or IT solution can be somewhat challenging. Many questions, options and choices will arise. This calls for thorough investigation. Just take comfort in our extensive experience in the field. We’re here to guide you.