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Broadcast solutions


The impact of audio and video in daily life keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Viewers are used to be only a few feet away from the ball during a soccer match, while watching their screen. A live stream of a presentation or webinar? People expect no less. We know all about it from our years of experience in the field. So, want to deliver audio and video in the highest quality to your audience? We’re here to help.

Radio and tv studios

We provide made-to-measure studios in excellent quality.  By really listening to your needs and by cooperating closely with your team, we can deliver a full-fledged solution that operates seamlessly. From design to delivery and from planning to broadcast, our specialists go to the max.


There’s a lot to choose from in the field of post-production. We deliver everything from an affordable in-house solution to a high-end studio. Custom-made, whatever you produce.


Broadcasting is key in a radio or TV-studio. The last thing you want are hick-ups or flaws. We design and build any playout or broadcast-center you want. IN excellent working condition.


Broadcast on the road? Of course! That’s why we also offer hi-end OB-vans. Build up from chassis and body to equipment and tools, all with the latest technology.