Education is on the move. At schools and universities we see new forms of education and trainings arising. It’s a development we love to see, and it really matches our DNA. We offer made-to-measure solutions for both the technical side as well as the facilities for students.

Educate: studios,

Technology is booming and the demand for technology professionals is still on the rise. Whether it’s graphic designers, video technicians, producers or radio techs, you want to provide the right tools for your students.

We’d love to help you out with a broadcast or audiovisual solution that matches your needs. With our extensive expertise we’re sure that we can come to a fitting result.

Facilitate: studio and recording

Online and hybrid eductation is everywhere now. We see many forms and shapes: knowledge clips, MOOCS, talkshows – sometimes with incoming live signals -, webinars or lectures. They have become a standard part of the educational package.

To facilitate this all you’ll need excellent equipment and a sturdy infrastructure. And they should be easy to operate and fun to work with. We can help!

Network and storage

The infrastructure and network have to be agile and flexible. For instance, it has to support video recording and playback – at school and at home -, content sharing with various parties or archiving, so you can review last years videos. This also means a rise in the use and flow of data. And today’s standards might be obsolete tomorrow. We help you with a solution that is future proof.

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